Not Your Average Table Numbers

Gone are the days of basic table numbers that begin at 1 and end at the desired number of tables. Creating a custom and original table numbers is a simple way to incorporate ones personality or theme further into the event. Expect to see more couples adding a personal touch to their table numbers by creating table designations that are names of vacation destinations the couple visited together, significant dates in the couple’s relationship or favourite song titles. This is also transitioning into corporate events as it’s an excellent way to get a conversation started between your guests by using the table numbers to share tidbits information about the organization or of the theme of the event.

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Most Over-looked Items When Planning a Wedding

If you are planning a wedding this summer be sure to add these items to your check list as we have found that these items always seem to be forgotten or overlooked.Special_Event_Rentals_guest-book

  1. Guest Book.

We have had many mothers of the bride pop in on a Saturday morning looking for a guest book from our retail store Edmonton Wedding and Party Centre. It seems in that in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning the guest book is one of the most forgettable items.Special_Event_Rentals_Cake-Stands

  1. Cake Stands.

When you order your wedding cake it will be arriving on a tray and some people do not think to get a stand for it until they see that the tray lack lustre. A cake stand only enhances your cake`s appeal, not to mention it makes the cake cutting photos that much more amazing.

  1. Formal Program.

A formal program is a great way to let your guest know the flow of your wedding day. It also gives them something to read while they wait for the wedding party to assemble and for the ceremony to being. Add tidbits about how you and your other half met; spend your time together or your proposal story.

  1. Take Care of Yourself.

It is usually the last thing from your mind on your wedding day but it is important to stay hydrated especially if your wedding is taking place in the hot summer months. Most wedding photos are taken outside and the last thing you want is sunstroke on your wedding day. Be sure to pack a photo-shoot kit that includes water, sunscreen and bug spray.

  1. The Extras…The Fees.

People always say it adds up but there may be a few fees that you are not aware of; including Cake cutting and Plating fees, Corkage fees, DJ and venue SOCAN fees, and don`t forget the tips for the Stylist, Caterer, Limo Driver and Musicians.

 Is there anything that you have forgotten when planning a wedding or event that you think should be added to the list?

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6 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Special Event Rentals - Wedding Dress Tips

Shopping for the dress that you will say your I Do’s in can be a wonderful and exciting time. We have put together 6 tips to help you stay on track while you’re on your wedding dress journey.

  1. Do research prior to walking into any bridal boutique. When you are flipping through wedding magazines or browsing on Pinterest create a wedding dress folder/board to help narrow down what you like. Having an idea of what you are looking for prior to walking into a bridal salon will help the staff find the perfect dress for your special day.
  2. Don’t bring an entourage. Sure it’s tempting to bring everyone you love along with you when you’re looking for the perfect dress, but we cannot urge you enough to avoid this. When it comes to wedding dresses, everyone seems to have an opinion which makes it that much harder to find one that everyone loves. Keep your group to a minimum with your mom, sister and best friend.
  3. Wear the right undergarments. This might sound silly but it’s important to be trying on your potential wedding dress in the right undergarments to get the full bridal look. There is nothing worse then trying on a white strapless gown with black straps prominently showing.
  4. Are you planning on wearing a pair of stilettos or ballet flats on the big day? Bring along your wedding shoes or a pair the same height. This will allow you to try out different dresses and find out if you are able to walk, sit and dance without tripping on the wedding dress.
  5. Start shopping early! Don’t leave finding your wedding dress until the last minute as many boutiques require 6 months for fittings and alterations.
  6. Set a dress budget. Wedding dresses jump in prices, so set a limit before you fall in love with a dress that is over your price point.

10 Reasons to have a Tent Event



  1. Alberta Weather.
    We all know how quickly those dark clouds can roll in on a beautiful summer’s day, but a tent does not only provide shelter from bad weather. During hot summer days your guests will require some protection and shade. If your event happens to take place during a heat wave or a thunder storm your guests will be grateful to have the shelter and you will not spend the weeks up to your event hoping for perfect weather.
  2. Location, Location, Location.
    You choose the location of the event. If you are having a corporate event and want to showcase your location but do not have the room inside your offices, a tent event in the parking lot can be surprisingly posh. If you are having a wedding you may want to have the event at a special place that is dear to you and your fiancé, be it a park where you had your first hand in hand walk or even just your parent’s back yard.
  3. The Best of Both Worlds.
    Sometimes it is hard to choose between an indoor or outdoor event, with a tent you don’t have to. Certain styles of tents offer sliding walls so your event can be open to beautiful greenery and fresh air or closed if a wind picks up during the dinner to prevent your napkins and guests from blowing away.
  4. A Blank Canvas.
    A tent is a canvas for your creativity and is completely customizable! Do not worry about working around a venues wall and carpet colours or restricted lighting options. With the ability to drape linens throughout our tents you can dress it up as much or as little as you like. Tents also offer many lighting options from chandlers to string lights and much more. With way too many décor options to list your event will be exactly the way you want it.
  5. Food Service Requirements.
    Many venues require you to use their in house catering; with a tent you have the freedom to choose your own caterer. Also if you are planning a catered outdoor event many caterers will require a spot out of the elements to prepare their food. A tent is the perfect option to keep your caterers happy. Not to mention keep the food prep mess out of sight.
  6. Focal Points. 
    Tent events make it easy to create focal points. With a tent event you have the option to use a smaller tent set up for cocktail hour, then move guests to a larger tent for dinner service. Not all guests look forward to the dance after dinner and some are bothered by the loud music; use a tent for a separate lounge area where people can mingle after dinner away from the DJ.
  7. Event Flexibility.
    Having a tent event allows you create the event space you need. Don’t concern yourself with whittling down the guest list; just add some space with another section of tent. Tents sizes are completely customizable and are able to house guest lists as small as 8 to as massive as 1,680.
  8. Your Event on Your Schedule. 
    Do not concern yourself if a venue will be able to accommodate a specific date and time, a tent is there for you when you need it. Many venues also require that your décor is taken down by a certain time. When renting a tent it is traditionally set up the day before the event with plenty of time to decorate and taken down the day after the event, allowing time to take down the décor without the rush. With a tent you decide when and at what time your event will be without having to work around other events booked in the same space.
  9. Dressed to Impress. 
    There are very few venues that give the aesthetic appeal that a tent can provide. Gleaming white peaks soaring into the sky are quite impressive, or if you choose to go with a clearspan tent you can opt for the clear top roof which will provide a massive sky light that no venue can offer, and giving your guests a view of the night sky from the shelter of an spectacular tent.
  10. Because having a tent event is just plain fun!


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April 2014 Feature Showcase – Absolute Perfection


Tanya Nafe is the owner and Lead Planner of Absolute Perfection Weddings and Events based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Tanya holds a Diploma in Master Bridal Consultation and is certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

At Absolute Perfection Weddings and Events we believe there is only one purpose in life, to love, and be loved. You have found the one to love for the rest of your life; let us help you fall in love all over again during your special day.

I’m in love with the idea of love, and I believe that weddings are the perfect way for two people to fulfill their commitment to each other. I have been enthralled by all things weddings from a very young age. Since first watching my mother cater weddings, I have fostered a love for it as well! I spent 2 years working and traveling my way through London, England and much of Europe, and as I passed each ruin and castle on my daily train commute I found myself lost in picturing the weddings that had been held in these architectural wonders.

Having the opportunity to be a part of a couples most special day really is a dream come true for me. It is a great honor to be trusted with creating that special occasion for each client; we truly enjoy working with every couple to make their special day absolutely perfect for them!” – Tanya Nafe of Absolute Perfection Weddings and Events

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Tips to Narrow Down the Guest List

Tips To Narrow Down The Guest List

Creating the guest list for your wedding can be an overwhelming task and as a rule of thumb, it’s one of the first things you need to check off your wedding to do list. We have gathered a few tips for those of you who are just venturing into this step to help make it easier and less stressful to narrow down your guest list.

  1. Don’t feel guilty about not inviting someone to your wedding. A great way to determine which friends to invite is to ask yourself one simple question. When was the last time we had dinner together? If the answer is over a year ago they probably shouldn’t make the list.
  2. Who gets a plus one? If the person you are inviting is married or in a serious relationship they automatically get a plus one. It’s also courteous to provide a plus one to your guests who might not know anyone at your wedding. However it is not necessary to provide plus ones to your single friends. This is also the perfect place for them to mix and mingle with your other single friends!
  3. Don’t let anyone guilt or bully you into inviting someone who you don’t want at your wedding, especially if they aren’t the one paying for the wedding. Many people don’t realize that each additional guest will require you to dish out more money for food, decor and might even result in you having to find larger venue.

Did you use a particular rule that you found extremely helpful when creating your wedding guest list? We want to know what it is, so please leave your tip below!

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Some consider the honeymoon to be the jumping off point of marriage. It is your first holiday together as husband and wife and will ultimately be based on who you are as a couple. Some go for the traditional tropical relaxation honeymoons, sliding comfortably into marriage while others will jump feet first (or head first if bungee jumping) with a full-fledged adventure honeymoon that doubles as a trip to cross a few things off the ol’ bucket list. How do you picture your first days of marriage? What kind of honeymoon appeals to your relationship style? Check out some of the top honeymoon spots from around the world.

For the Adventurous

New Zealand

New Zealanders are known for their sense of adventure, the invention of the bungee jump cemented New Zealand as a place for extreme sports. Bond as a couple while jet boating, Zorbing, paragliding or just hiking. Something to keep in mind is that June, July and August are the winter months in New Zealand, the winter temperature is usually between 10-15 degrees Celsius. With lush beautiful landscapes New Zealand offers eye candy with an adrenaline rush.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations


Nothing can compare to the majestic creatures of South Africa, and Kenya offers the best of African Safari’s. Kenya puts a twist on glamping accommodations with the thought of a lion prowling outside your tent at night. Think outside the box and take a horseback Safari and stay in luxury accommodations along the way.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations

Canadian Rockies

If you are looking for adventures on a smaller budget, stay close to home and save. Experience the adventure to be had in your own back yard. Enjoy white water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, heli-tours or (season permitting) skiing in Banff, Jasper or Lake Louise. Find out why people travel from all over the world to experience our Canadian Rockies.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations

The Cultural Experience


Croatia is considered an up and coming tourist destination. You will find much less of the tourist crowds filling the streets compared to its neighbour across the Adriatic. This beautiful country has much to offer including gorgeous beaches and even a heart shaped island (Galesnjak Island). Many vineyards fill the hills along with lavender fields, fruit orchards and olive tree groves. Visit the city of Split where you can take in the breathtaking Diocletian’s Place that was built in 305 AD. Croatia offers a mix of old European and Mediterranean atmosphere.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations


The lands around the Aegean sea are a honeymoon hot spot but only Turkey offers Istanbul, a monumental city steeped in culture. When done with the bustle of the big city hop down to the port city of Bodrum; wander the streets taking in those iconic white washed buildings, with just a touch of colour mixed in. Then relax on a beautiful sand beach and just enjoy your honeymoon. For those that have the history bug be sure to tour the Roman ruins at Ephesus.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations


Morocco is home to one of the most romantic cities on earth, Marrakesh. Stroll hand in hand in the weaving markets of Marrakesh; stay until after sunset to see Djemaa el-Fna, the city’s main square, turned into a spectacle of activity that will intrigue all of your senses. Watch as snake-charmers, belly dancers, and dining carts fill the square. If you seek some R&R after touring the city head to the coast; the Mazagan Beach Resort at El Jadida is the perfect location to unwind. Traveling to Morocco will defiantly leave an amazing cultural impression on any couple.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations

Pure R&R


Bali is a seduction in itself with gorgeous white sand beaches and the laid back hindu culture it is perfect for the couple looking for rest and relaxation. If you decide to venture out, there are remarkable ruins and hindu temples to be seen. Also be sure to visit the artist community of Ubud where you can find charming rice terraces and the Monkey Forest. Check out villas in Seminyak, here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali that are a bit quieter than some of the other locations around the island.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations

St Lucia

The Caribbean is a classic honeymoon spot and hard to beat for the ultimate relaxation honeymoon. With all-inclusive resorts you do not have to think about anything other than just enjoying each other.

St. Lucia is praised to be one of the best honeymoon spots in the Caribbean with many remote islets and even accommodation offered on your own private island. Take a break from the beach and try zip-lining through the lush rainforest or snorkeling along the reef. Change it up and stay high in the Pitons at the Ladera Resort for breathtaking mountain views and rooms open to the island air.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations



The Maldives offer the ultimate in luxury honeymooning. A majority of people have voted the Maldives their dream honeymoon destination and it is not a surprise with their nearly deserted white sand beaches. Consisting of more than 1,100 coral islands the Maldives are one of the last un-spoiled island get-aways. Spend you honeymoon lounging on the beach or experience some of the best snorkeling in the world. Stay in a beach villa or an over water bungalow with a glass floor offering a look into the crystal blue waters. Be sure to check out the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant and enjoy a meal while watching the sea life 5 meters below sea level.

Special Event Rentals Best Honeymoon Destinations

If you could choose anywhere in the world where would you go for your honeymoon?

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Lace Back Wedding Dresses

Lace back wedding dresses are currently one of the most flattering and coveted wedding design trends. The attention to detail that goes into an embroidered lace back wedding dress is absolutely stunning and has the ability to transform the simplest of dress into an elegant and romantic show stopper. Below are a few of our favourite lace back wedding dresses that will be sure to have you dreaming of walking down the aisle in your own lace back dress.

Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Lea-Ann BelterSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Sue GraphySpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - David Tutera For Mon Cheri-Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Veluz BrideSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Hayley Paige02 Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Ruffled BlogSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Wedding Chicks

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Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Alberta, and along with the warmer weather spring has brought a new obsession, mint weddings! The colour of mint is the embodiment of the fresh coolness of spring; a perfect colour to represent a spring wedding. This inspiration board uses my favorite colour combination, mint and gold with a hint of pastel pink.

Special Event Rentals Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration

For more mint inspiration visit the links below!

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