Tis the Season of Bridal Shows


Bridal show season is just around the corner and they provide the perfect opportunity to connect with local wedding vendors, see the latest wedding decor trends!


The Calgary Fall Bridal Expo takes place this Sunday September 14, 2014 at the BMO Centre between 10am and 5pm with a must see fashion show at 12pm and 3pm. Advance tickets are still available online.


If you are planning on saying your I Do’s in Red Deer visit With This Ring Fall Bridal Gala on September 28, 2014 at the Harvest Centre. Spend the day visiting over 40 booths, fashion show and become inspired for your nuptials. Tickets are still available online.


The Edmonton Bridal Expo takes place Sunday October 5, 2014 at the Shaw Conference Centre between 10am and 4pm. There are over $20,000 in prizes and a fashion at 12pm and 2:30pm that will be sure have you swooning over bridal gowns. Avoid the lines and purchase your tickets online today!


September 2014 Feature Showcase – Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator

Lighthouse wedidng coordinatorWe are happy to have Natalie Dyson of  Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator as our September feature showcase. She has created an amazing fall inspired tablescape in our Edmonton showroom, complete with turning leaves and beautiful pumpkin books that hold clues to a contest Natalie is running until the end of September; be sure to stop by our showroom to find the clues and enter to win a month of planning with Lighthouse. Read below to find out more about Natalie and what inspired her.


I often get asked why Lighthouse? It doesn’t really make one think wedding. I beg to differ….

A Lighthouse represents a tall structure that stands at the highest point of land that is closest to the sea. It notifies sailors that land is near and warns them of any possible dangers. The Lighthouse is also a comforting sign that the calm waters of a welcoming harbor are close at hand.

How does that relate to wedding planning? Any bride who has planned her own wedding will tell you there is a lot to do. Many notes and to do lists will be revised and re-written. Stress, frustration, tears and many laughs can happen in the process. Lighthouse is here to guide you through the process. From the time you say “Yes” to the time you say “I Do!” We will help you with the planning, design, décor and keep you on budget. Lighthouse Weddings will always be the comforting hand you need to get you to and through your special day.

What sets us apart from everyone else? The eagerness to learn and openness to try new things. We don’t believe in setting the next best trend but believe that every wedding should follow its own trend. We specialize in creative do it yourself projects, cost saving ideas, theme and design. Each couple is unique and special, we listen to their needs and wants and incorporate and execute everything on the day. Paying close attention to every detail and being organized is something that all our couples can find comfort with. No wedding is too small or too big, but every wedding is different. My favorite part is the end of the night, not because it’s over, but when I put my Bride and Groom into the car and they say thank you….. It was all worth it.

After being part of 25+ weddings, I still cry. I remember my own day and the amazing memories I have. So why Lighthouse? 3 Years ago I sat at my kitchen table trying to figure out a catchy name. My husband came around the corner and kissed my forehead and said “You’ll figure it out, think of something that means something to YOU.” So I looked around… I saw my son, a wonderful man I call my husband and on every wall of our home are pictures of lighthouses. We had an amazing wedding, but we have an even more beautiful marriage. Through stormy waters and some nights we stand tall, on a strong foundation, guided by our light and withstanding the test of time.

We wish all past and future couples a beautiful wedding that Lighthouse Weddings would be honored to be a part of. But more of all we wish you all an even better marriage.

lighthouse-02lighthouse-03lighthouse-07lighthouse-04 lighthouse-10 lighthouse-08 lighthouse-05 lighthouse-06lighthouse-11


5 Ways to De-stress From Wedding Planning


Wedding planning can be extremely enjoyable, but with having to make so many decisions it can also become slightly overwhelming at times. Below are our top 5 ways to unwind from all the wedding related stress.

  1. Get away for the weekend. Grab your significant other and take a weekend trip to the lake or mountains. The fresh air will help rejuvenate you and being surrounded by nature’s calming atmosphere will help wash away your stress.
  2. Spa Day. Is there any better way to de-stress then by getting a massage or a mani-pedi? We don’t think so!
  3. Girls Night. Your best friends help keep you sane so what better way to de-stress than a night with your best girlfriends, a bottle of wine and a strict no wedding talk policy! Just get together and have a fun girl’s night like you did before wedding talk became the main subject matter.
  4. Unplug for 24 hours. This one might be hard for some but just take a step back from your electronics and just unwind with a good book, a walk in the park, a calming bath with essential oils, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  5. Work out. Physical activity creates endorphins which will give you a burst of energy and clarity to help you get back into the decision making mood.

Photo Credit: Awakenedlotus Tumblr

Alice In Wonderland Theme Party

Alice in wonderland theme party

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and into a birthday wonderland with this amazing theme party orchestrated by Jenelle Jamani of Special Event Rentals. Complete with the Mad Hatters tea party, Red Soldier croquet and a place to paint the white flowers red. One can almost hear the red queen screech “Off with their heads”.

Wonderland-04Wonderland-09 Wonderland-12 Wonderland-11 Wonderland-10 Wonderland-08Wonderland-05 Wonderland-07 Wonderland-03 Wonderland-02Alice in wonderland theme


Planner: Jenelle Jamani
Florals: Wild Orchid
Venue:Edmonton Hotel & Convention Centre

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Weddings are not the only time in life that we like to celebrate big, grand openings, retirements and birthday parties are just a few of the other times worth celebrating in life. Earlier this year Kristina McAnally put together the ultimate first birthday party in the Wedgewood room at the Fairmont McDonald Hotel in Edmonton. Over flowing with fresh florals this Parisian styled birthday featured a cake by Over the Top Cakes along with delicious deserts and a build your own bouquet station.

Birthday Rentals

Birthday Deserts

Birthday Favors



Spotlight – Pretty & Inked

We are excited to have Natasha from Pretty & Inked as today’s Spotlight. Pretty & Inked is a new wedding blog that focuses on the alternative couple who are looking for local inspiration for their big day. Our team has recently teamed up with Natasha to create a few stylized shoots that will soon be gracing the pages of Pretty & Inked debut magazine.

1. What drew you to the field of wedding blogging?
My fiancé and I met in London, UK where I had been living for the past three years until he proposed. Getting engaged and looking at our future life together we decided to move back to Canada, it was the perfect place to start our lives, eventually raise a family and of course have the wedding of our dreams…or so we thought. It is no secret that London has anything and everything for every taste. It is a place where design pushes boundaries, where every person walking down the street has their individual style, and where ‘unique-ness’ triumph’s over ‘cookie cutter’. Starting to plan our wedding we were looking for the same creative outlets we found in London, the one’s that cater to the ‘individual’ as opposed to the ‘masses’. Sadly, attending wedding show after wedding show, appointment after appointment, we have found no resources that that are happy to divulge the ‘alternative’ couple.

So, frustrated with the way things were I decided to fill the gap, be the resource that wasn’t there for me. Pretty & Inked provides a resource for all the creative, alternative, inked, vintage, out of the box couples who are looking to create their dream wedding within a carbon-copy-pink-puffy-cowgirl-boot wedding world. A go to for inspiration, venues, and vendors that are over joyed to help these of us who ‘aren’t in season’.

2. What is the most challenging part of planning an alternative wedding?
Finding the right vendors to work with. There will always be trends, and seasons to weddings, it’s how the industry works, and businesses cater to social culture and decades. However finding these vendors that also get just as excited to work with couples who don’t want just what’s in season can be difficult. You want those who you plan this amazing day with to be just as happy to help whether you want that traditional barn wedding or a steampunk soiree in a steam train museum, a traditional white ball gown, or a black lace gown with a top hat.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Helping other brides like myself, changing the view on tattooed women in society, and finding those perfect vendors who are genuinely happy to help any bride. The amount of amazing people I meet on a day to day basis is amazing. And having that perfect cup of coffee while writing the next post, or viewing the magazine’s sample edits doesn’t hurt either.

4. What is your favourite piece of décor?
My favourite piece of décor at the moment has to be chalkboard painted wine bottles. I’ve seen them used as centrepieces with flowers, table numbers, guest books, wedding games, the list goes on. And I’m sure I am a little bias as they may be one of our wedding centrepieces with some brilliant candles in them.

5. What is the most valuable piece of décor at a wedding/event?
Décor can always change dependent on taste, or the style of Bride and Groom, the most valuable necessity to every wedding has to be the photography. I have worked with too many Bride’s that decided to have a friend of a friend of a friend, or someone’s cousin take the photo’s at their wedding. To be nice, or because they are family, or to save money and now will forever regret the decision for the photos that are to last them the rest of their lives’? Look horrible. The colour is distorted, the resolution is too low, the angles are off, or just completely unusable.

You only get one day, one day to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives with no do-over’s so make sure that the pieces you have when the day is over? The Video, the Photos? The pieces that will last forever, are EXACTLY what you wanted, and look amazing. Never skimp on your photos, its one expense that is worth splurging on.

6. What is your favourite line of linen?
Anything with texture, I love linens and fabrics that are versatile. Geometric, Pintuck, and Striped fabrics can be used anywhere from Diner Rockabilly Weddings, to Black Tie Gala Events.

7. What is your favourite moment at a wedding?
Even though it may have been recited in a few movies, my favourite part is really, actually, all about the groom. The moment when the music starts, and the doors open to the beautiful bride ready to be walked down the aisle and everyone is starring at her, I really can’t help but watch the groom instead. The amount of love and adoration there is indescribable. I have been to a few friend’s wedding’s where the groom day-to-day seems so logical and reserved, but starring at his bride to be, can’t help but shed a little tear and a smile so wide, there is no denying just how much he loves his future wife.

8. What would you like to see more of at weddings/events?
More Bride and Grooms focusing on what they want and not what everybody else wants. Planning our wedding I will be the first to admit how easy it is to let your dreams fall to the side of those of your friends and family. Everyone will always have an opinion, about the guest list, your dress, your venue, the music. It’s just what people do. The trick is no matter what your bridesmaid’s say, your family, yes even your mum and mother in law, stay true to what you want. It’s YOUR day and you only get one, so plan it, design it, how YOU have always envisioned. What represents you and your fiancé, not you and your fiancé, and your bridal party, and your family, and your guests, and that random guy in Starbucks who say you looking at bridal magazines and somehow ALSO has an opinion.

9. What trends do you think are here to stay?
Creative Bridal Party Photos are definitely becoming more and more customary. Traditional Bridal Party photos in a garden or against a conservative serene background are not as common as they used to be. Bride and Grooms and getting more unique with where they want their memorable photos to be, and choosing places that represent them as a couple. Skateparks for those Skateboarders and BMXer’s, Graveyards for those Goth couple’s, even down to Tattoo shops for those couple addicted their ink.

Below are a few photos curtsey of Pretty & Inked.

Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Pretty&Inked01 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Pretty&Inked01 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Pretty&Inked01 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Pretty&Inked01

Photo Credits: Editor-In-Chief, Natasha MacKenzie, Pretty & Inked Magzine / Photography: Milton Photography / Hair Adornments: Sugar Pie Girl / Make Up: Makeup by Nadya and The Art of Beauty

Edmonton’s Outdoor Summer Wrap Up

Before you let the “back-to-school blues” get you down, grab your family and friends and take in the last of Edmonton’s summer festivities. Here are just a few suggestions to make the most out of your last month of summer!

movies in the square

Movies on the Square: Take a in a flick on a Tuesday night this August. Head down to Sir Winston Churchill Square where Scotiabank is presenting free movies for the whole family to enjoy! For this outdoor event be sure to pack your lawn chairs, or a blanket. With the pre-show entertainment beginning at 7pm, and the movie at sunset, come early to ensure you get a great spot!

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: FIFA is returning to Edmonton this August! Take in a soccer match and cheer on some international up-and-coming soccer stars at Commonwealth Stadium, August 5-24. Order your tickets here.

Festivals: The city of Edmonton, coined “Festival City” by locals, is guaranteed to have a festival that will suit your interests this summer. Performers and playgoers may find their enjoyment at the popular Fringe Festival, while music lovers may want to take in the Blues Festival at Hawrelak Park.

If you are interested in exploring some of  the diverse cultures in Edmonton, check out the Dragon Boat Festival or get ready to dance at the Edmonton Latin Festival. This is just a small taste of what is happening in Edmonton this August. Check out the City of Edmonton website for details on other festivals happening this month.

Guest post by Kristin Gitzel
Photo Credit: 1


August Feature Showcase – Eventful – Wedding & Event Architects

August Planner 01

event·ful adjective \i-ˈvent-fəl\

: having many important things happening
: full of or rich in events
: momentus

Eventful specializes in all things wedding. From the day you say “yes” to the day you say “I do”, we work with you to create an eventful experience. We start by getting to know your style and personality, both individually and as a couple, so we can create events that are distinctly you. Because after all, this is all about you!

It’s no secret that weddings, and all the events that come with them, can be quite stressful if you’re navigating them on your own. That’s where we come in. We bring all the pieces together and lay them out in a plan that works best for you, and your budget. Coming up with creative themes, colour palettes, sourcing the best venues and vendors – this is what we do best. Part of our job is to make this a fun, memorable experience, with as little stress as possible.

Every couple has different needs, schedules and budgets, therefore we offer a variety of packages to choose from. If you don’t see something that works for you, we will work with you to offer customized services to fit your unique needs.

Eventful opened its doors for business in early 2014 after the owner, Shanlyn Cunningham, decided to take the leap and go after her dreams of running her own wedding and event planning company. She has spent her career leading up to this point working in the event industry, and couldn’t wait to start something of her own.

Shanlyn, originally a Maritimer, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations and is certified through the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada (WPIC). She’s worked all across the event industry from weddings, to corporate communications, to festivals large and small. She thrives off events and puts all her energy and creativity into building the perfect one for each client.

“My favourite part of every wedding and event is finding a way to incorporate the unique, valued added details that make the event stand out. I’ve tried to bring in a playful and unique approach to my display by using an unusual menu and a fun guestbook, as displayed within the photos.”

August Planner 08August Planner 03August Planner 07August Planner 06 August Planner 04August Planner 05August Planner 02Eventful

Caterer Of The Month – A Cappella Catering



Meet A Cappella Catering

A Cappella Catering evolved from a “pizza stand” established in 1987. Over the subsequent 27 years A Cappella continually developed and has grown to its current capacity, making it the largest catering company in the Edmonton area. A Cappella’s accomplishments are attributable to their relentless pursuit to be the very best in food quality, service excellence and organizational skill.

At the heart of A Cappella’s success is its highly skilled and driven team. The executive chef, Mich d’Laive, and general manager, Kim Szalynski have bought into the company joining its founder, Todd Rutter as part of the ownership team. Additionally, A Cappella is very fortunate to have a wonderful and talented group of managers, supervisors, chefs and catering assistants.

A Cappella has recently taken over all food services at Edmonton’s highly respected Matrix Hotel and the cafeteria in downtown’s John E. Brownlee Building (Cantata Cafe). Those two teams have continued to exemplify A Cappella’s committment to excellence and are extremely we regarded by those new clients.

A Cappella services all sectors of the catering market literally catering functions for as few os four guests, and as may as three thousand. From simple “dropped off” snacks and meals to full service (banquets, receptions and BBQs) with multiple food, action, beverage and bar stations.

Their capacity is also industry leading. With 14 vans, a staff of up to 100 team members and state-of-the-art logistics systems A Cappella can truly “deliver” through all busy periods in the vibrant local economy.

We look forward to continuing to offer fresh, tasty, generous meals with friendly and efficient service.


Floral Draped Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

This past April Jenelle Jamani of Special Event Rentals created a beautiful rustic wedding at the Old Timers’ Cabin. This floral draped wedding featured hanging chandeliers, floating candles, gold votives and Mercury Quilted Vases. Look for a feature of this gorgeous wedding in the next edition of Blush Magazine.

Rustic-11Rustic WeddingRustic-02Rustic-03Rustic-04Rustic-05Rustic-06Rustic-07Rustic-08Rustic-09


Wedding Credits: Photographer – KZ Photography / Flowers – faBLOOMosity / Dessert – Dutchess Bake Shop / Catering – Culina / Event Designer – Jenelle Jamani / Venue – Old Timers’ Cabin