Spotlight – Stacey Foley Of JoyFoley Weddings

We are delighted to have today’s Spotlight on the talented Stacey Foley of JoyFoley Weddings. Recently she has made the move from Edmonton down to Calgary. We are excited for all the new opportunities for Stacey in the Calgary area, and are excited that we will be able to continue working with her to create spectacular events. Below are a few words from Stacey about this new transition for JoyFoley Wedding.

“JoyFoley Weddings is thrilled to be starting a new adventure with a relocation to Calgary. We will be shifting our focus and specializing in Rocky Mountain Weddings. We are looking forward to combining our two loves, weddings and the mountains, while continuing to bring our creativity and expertise to help our clients wedding day visions come to life. We are happy to now be servicing Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Cochrane. With clients all over Central Alberta we are looking forward to a very busy summer ahead!” – Stacey Foley of JoyFoley Weddings

1.       What drew you to the field of wedding/event planning?

Party planning is something I feel has always been in my blood. For as long as I can remember I always dreamt of being able to create magic and beauty through events for a living but truly never imagined it would come true. The luck of fate and the right place at the right time brought wedding planning in to my path and I have never looked back!

2.       What is the most challenging part of wedding/event planning?

There are different areas of the planning process that can be challenging however I find one of the more challenging parts to be ensuring we portray the clients visions perfectly. There are so many different styles and themes that can be used to describe a design that often times it comes down to breaking it down and creating piece by piece based on what our clients want as opposed to what Pinterest suggests. We take great care in ensuring that we create exactly what our CLIENTS want as this is their special day and often times their life long visions.

3.       What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing at the end of the day we brought our clients wedding dreams to life. The planning process is often times a year long plus process and our clients very quickly become our friends which makes the end result and happiness that much more rewarding.

4.       What is your favourite piece of décor

Right now I am LOVING black glass. This year I am finding myself drawn to more classic pieces, designs and colour palettes and a classic black and white wedding with a pop of colour is my favourite. Add black glass in to the mix and my heart swoons.

5.       What is the most valuable piece of décor at a wedding/event?

I am not certain it is considered a piece of décor however one of the most important elements to me, and one that is very often forgotten, is the head table. It’s very easy to design your reception and put many hours of planning in to your guest tables however don’t forget that your head table is also a huge part of the design and one that receives a lot of attention. Your photographer, friends and family will be capturing you and your spouse sitting at it and you want to ensure its just as stunning as the rest of the reception.

6.       What is your favourite line of linen?

I love a variety of styles, colours and finishes however I am absolutely in love with the Latte Lamour Satin linen. This linen is very universal and as I’ve come to learn it can be paired up beautifully with a variety of colours and works well to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

7.       What is your favourite moment at a wedding?

I absolutely love that last moment spent with the bride before she walks down the aisle. To see her excitement, to feel her nerves and to know inside she can’t wait to see her future husband standing there waiting for her is a moment so full of emotion and love that I feel truly blessed to experience it with her.

8.       What would you like to see more of at weddings/events?

The one thing I would love to see more of at weddings is couples who throw caution to the wind and create their day based on their personal style, the important things in life that brought them together and not what is trendy at that moment. Trends change so often that when you start the designing process a year or more in advance by the time your wedding day comes around there’s something else that’s new and fresh but when you design based on yourselves and your love it will never go out of style. 

9.       What trends do you think are here to stay?

I don’t believe trends are ever here to stay which is why I love to see something more classic at weddings. Earth tones, black and white, woods and romantic florals are something I feel will never go out of style. There is something timeless about a black tuxedo, a stunning floral bouquet, a perfectly fitted wedding gown and candlelight. 

Below are a few photos of Stacey Foley’s work!

JoyFoley Weddings01 JoyFoley Weddings02 JoyFoley Weddings03 JoyFoley Weddings04 JoyFoley Weddings05 JoyFoley Weddings06 JoyFoley Weddings07

Get ready to have too much fun!

Special Event Rentals Children's Festival

This coming week marks the beginning of summer with the International Children’s Festival in St. Albert. Special Event Rentals has been a long standing sponsor of this great event where children of all ages get to learn, grow and have tons of fun!

We were happy to donate our sponsor tickets to Mrs. Wytrykush’s grade 2 class at Ochre Park School, in Redwater, Alberta!

The International Children‘s Festival runs from May 27th to 31st. You can enjoy many free activities offered around the St. Albert Centre or take in a show or 2 or 4, featuring performances by Splash ‘N Boots, David Bouchard, Tall Stories and many more.

Walk around the grounds and pop into one of our tents to learn how to create dream catchers, pictographs and other paper crafts or actually learn how to make paper. Try your hand at a game of giant snakes and ladders in the Save-On-Foods Healthy Kids Tent and if you have a little one be sure to stop by the Toddler Town tent where you can find a variety of shows and activities for the toddling youngsters.

The International Children’s festival has so much more to offer so be sure to check out their website for more information and to buy tickets to the shows.

Special Event Rentals Children's Festival

Blog Author: Nadine Gritten

SPOTLIGHT – Jordan Broom of Atmosphere Productions Inc.


We are thrilled to have Jordan Broom of Atmosphere Productions Inc as our next Spotlight designer. Our team has worked with Jordan for several events and it is always a pleasure to help him and his clients create their dream event. Read on to learn fun facts about Jordan and his passion for design and events!

1.       What drew you to the field of wedding/event planning?

I always had an interest in design and color ever since I can remember… however, my true drive (as cheesy as it sounds) came after watching The Wedding Planner… I wanted EVERYTHING that JLo had in the movie (Including the heroic save by a dashing young doctor) and I pushed forward in that direction.

2.       What is the most challenging part of wedding/event planning?

I would say, for myself, the most challenging part is juggling the busy work load and demanding hours with your own personal life.

3.       What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When a bride ‘Thanks’ Atmosphere in her speech, I feel like we have truly done our job. She remembers, recognizes and acknowledges all the hours and hard work we have put into her dream day, and that really does speak volumes to the impact we have had on their lives, and in particular, creating the most memorable day of their entire lives.

4.       What is your favorite piece of décor?

I am a sucker for a clear chivari chair… I think they are so glamorous, and I love the way the room lighting glistens off of them! Every wedding has to have a LITTLE bit of bling bling.

5.       What is the most valuable piece of décor at a wedding/event?

I believe that a backdrop behind (most) head tables is a piece that I would not design without. It creates a very clean and beautiful setting for the photos, in which there will be no light switches, wall sconces, emergency exit lights, etc. drawing any attention from the bride and groom.

6.       What is your favorite line of linen?

ADORE the new sequins linens that are coming in. Modern. Glam. Fabulous. What more could one want from a linen?

7.       What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

The moment when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time is magical… I get teary every time.

8.       What would you like to see more of at weddings/events?

I LOVE some color, texture and shine at any wedding or event. What I mean by this is incorporating these three elements throughout the setting; Whether through a ruffled linen, wall uplighting, a vibrant colored wedding cake… It is just so perfect and creates amazing wedding photos.

9.       What trends do you think are here to stay?

Tone on tone neutral is one that is not going away any time soon… I do challenge brides to think outside the ‘burlap and lace’ vintage theme however, and try something classic with a twist, or modern-romantic.

Below are a few photos of Jordan Broom’s work!

Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Jordan

Kelsey Wangler from the Atmosphere team also happens to be our feature showcase for the month of May, view her Boho tablescape design here.

Spotlight – Kristina McAnally of Special Event Rentals

We have been lucky to work with many talented designers over the years and we are excited to introduce a select few to our readers with a spot-light series. We were able to connect with these amazing people and ask a few design related questions to share with you.

Over the next few weeks we will be spotlighting a local designer. We are excited to have Kristina McAnally of the event design team at Special Event Rentals, Edmonton Division, as our first designer spotlight!


  1. What drew you to the field of wedding/event planning? 

I had originally intended to study restaurant and hotel management in hopes of become a cruise ship director. After mapping out how my life would be post graduation and all the months I’d spend away from home floating in the middle of the ocean I realized that wasn’t quite the right fit. I had to go back to the drawing board and I realized that from an early age I had been planning events. I was on the 6th grade student council as the activities coordinator…way back! It was just what I was meant to do. I say “Yay!” and “Hooray” constantly because I believe there are so many things in life worth celebrating. What better than a job that is centered around celebrations?

  1. What is the most challenging part of wedding/event planning?

 The most challenging part of planning an event is managing the client’s vision with their budget. Pinterest, although a great resource, can have brides fawning over million dollar weddings that are not realistic for over 90% of the population.

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When a client trusts you to design something wonderful and uniquely them that’s amazing! Being able to come to work and be creative and channel that energy and get paid for it is such a blessing. It makes the spreadsheets and logistical details worth doing.

  1. What is your favorite piece of décor?

I can’t pick one. I love fresh flowers, and event lighting, and linens.

  1. What is the most valuable piece of décor at a wedding/event?

I think if the budget is limited chair covers and centerpieces make a big impact in an event space. Focusing on these elements and pairing them with linens provided by the venue is a cost effective way to elevate a space.

  1. What is your favorite line of linen?

I love textured linens, the krinkle, origami, pintuck, even the burlap.

  1. What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

Honestly, the very end. The rest of the day is full of anticipation and timelines and waiting and formalities then at the end of the night the room is just full of people who had the best day ever in large part because of your efforts.  It’s a cool feeling.

  1. What would you like to see more of at weddings/events?

I’m a big fan of personalization. Don’t just have a “pretty” wedding so that it will be featured in a magazine or on a blog. Have a wedding that’s unique to you. Maybe it is flowers and lace and everything in it’s place, but maybe it’s Lego boutonnieres and cheeseburgers for late lunch. Just be authentic.

  1. What trends do you think are here to stay?

Blush. I think people will continue to love it because it’s a mature feminine pink that can be paired with a ton of other colors. Rustic/vintage weddings especially in Alberta. 

Below are a few photos of Kristina McAnally’s work!

Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally02 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally03 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally04 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally05 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally06 Special-Event-Rentals-Spotlight-Kristina-McAnally07

Edmonton Décor Showcase Sneak Peek

Tonight our Edmonton location is hosting a Décor Showcase from 6pm to 8pm. We are all set up for the festivities tonight, with the help of some of the best cake/cupcake, stationery, and floral vendors in Edmonton we have created many spectacular displays. Our showroom is full of eye candy and a bit of real candy too.

We are offering amazing one night only specials to match our amazing displays. Find discounts on wedding collections from our retail store and 10% off all rental orders, 25% off satin linen, 35% off organza overlays & ties and 50% off majestic table runners.

Check out our teaser photo of our showroom below and visit us at 6010 99 street Edmonton, AB tonight to enjoy a treat and see so much more.

Special Event Rentals Sneak Peek Decor Showcase

May 2014 Feature Showcase – Kelsey Wangler of Atmosphere Productions Inc.


Kelsey Wangler broke into the event industry in 2011 when she joined the Atmosphere team. Having always had exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for design, event planning seemed to be destined for her future. Joining the exceptional Atmosphere team, Kelsey is excited to continue to create and expand within the industry.

Kelsey received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta with a focus on Psychology and Human Behaviour. Having always connected well with people, this focus on behavioural learning has given her a truly unique insight into this person-focused industry.

Love it: creative design concepts, DIY projects, to die for heels, lots of colour, great dance music, and one-of-a-kind weddings.

Leave it: tacky favours, iPod shuffle playlists, bad wine, fake florals, and cookie-cutter weddings.

Special-Event-Rentals-May_Feature_Planner01 Special-Event-Rentals-May_Feature_Planner01

Atmosphere Productions Inc.

Launched in 2007, our goal was to provide a high-end, new image to the wedding and events industries in Alberta. Based out of Edmonton, Atmosphere provides services to clients in the fields of wedding planning and coordination, event planning and design, destination wedding planning, and interior design. Well known for our unusually beautiful décor, we pride ourselves on being leaders to the industry, and being able to offer something most other companies forget about – Heart. Compassion. True joy  for creating the wedding or event of your dreams.

Atmosphere was designed around one main concept –  People. Our true passion lies in providing exceptional customer service and care to our clients, and filling your planning stage with just as much fun and excitement as the big day itself! We figure, why not make memories around the entire planning process and make an event out of planning your event!

That is what we do. We take every detail and make it memorable. Atmosphere has an exceptional team of knowledgeable industry leaders, otherwise known as our Atmosphere Glam Squad. They are smart, creative, and all-around good people who want the absolute best for everyone we work with.

Special-Event-Rentals-Feature-Showcase-Kelsey-Atmosphere-ProductionsCredits: Photography – Katch Studios / Stationary – I Do! Invitations


10 Reasons to have a Tent Event



  1. Alberta Weather.
    We all know how quickly those dark clouds can roll in on a beautiful summer’s day, but a tent does not only provide shelter from bad weather. During hot summer days your guests will require some protection and shade. If your event happens to take place during a heat wave or a thunder storm your guests will be grateful to have the shelter and you will not spend the weeks up to your event hoping for perfect weather.
  2. Location, Location, Location.
    You choose the location of the event. If you are having a corporate event and want to showcase your location but do not have the room inside your offices, a tent event in the parking lot can be surprisingly posh. If you are having a wedding you may want to have the event at a special place that is dear to you and your fiancé, be it a park where you had your first hand in hand walk or even just your parent’s back yard.
  3. The Best of Both Worlds.
    Sometimes it is hard to choose between an indoor or outdoor event, with a tent you don’t have to. Certain styles of tents offer sliding walls so your event can be open to beautiful greenery and fresh air or closed if a wind picks up during the dinner to prevent your napkins and guests from blowing away.
  4. A Blank Canvas.
    A tent is a canvas for your creativity and is completely customizable! Do not worry about working around a venues wall and carpet colours or restricted lighting options. With the ability to drape linens throughout our tents you can dress it up as much or as little as you like. Tents also offer many lighting options from chandlers to string lights and much more. With way too many décor options to list your event will be exactly the way you want it.
  5. Food Service Requirements.
    Many venues require you to use their in house catering; with a tent you have the freedom to choose your own caterer. Also if you are planning a catered outdoor event many caterers will require a spot out of the elements to prepare their food. A tent is the perfect option to keep your caterers happy. Not to mention keep the food prep mess out of sight.
  6. Focal Points. 
    Tent events make it easy to create focal points. With a tent event you have the option to use a smaller tent set up for cocktail hour, then move guests to a larger tent for dinner service. Not all guests look forward to the dance after dinner and some are bothered by the loud music; use a tent for a separate lounge area where people can mingle after dinner away from the DJ.
  7. Event Flexibility.
    Having a tent event allows you create the event space you need. Don’t concern yourself with whittling down the guest list; just add some space with another section of tent. Tents sizes are completely customizable and are able to house guest lists as small as 8 to as massive as 1,680.
  8. Your Event on Your Schedule. 
    Do not concern yourself if a venue will be able to accommodate a specific date and time, a tent is there for you when you need it. Many venues also require that your décor is taken down by a certain time. When renting a tent it is traditionally set up the day before the event with plenty of time to decorate and taken down the day after the event, allowing time to take down the décor without the rush. With a tent you decide when and at what time your event will be without having to work around other events booked in the same space.
  9. Dressed to Impress. 
    There are very few venues that give the aesthetic appeal that a tent can provide. Gleaming white peaks soaring into the sky are quite impressive, or if you choose to go with a clearspan tent you can opt for the clear top roof which will provide a massive sky light that no venue can offer, and giving your guests a view of the night sky from the shelter of an spectacular tent.
  10. Because having a tent event is just plain fun!


Blog Author: Nadine Gritten

Photo Credits: Special Event Rentals & Lynn Fletcher Weddings


Tips to Narrow Down the Guest List

Tips To Narrow Down The Guest List

Creating the guest list for your wedding can be an overwhelming task and as a rule of thumb, it’s one of the first things you need to check off your wedding to do list. We have gathered a few tips for those of you who are just venturing into this step to help make it easier and less stressful to narrow down your guest list.

  1. Don’t feel guilty about not inviting someone to your wedding. A great way to determine which friends to invite is to ask yourself one simple question. When was the last time we had dinner together? If the answer is over a year ago they probably shouldn’t make the list.
  2. Who gets a plus one? If the person you are inviting is married or in a serious relationship they automatically get a plus one. It’s also courteous to provide a plus one to your guests who might not know anyone at your wedding. However it is not necessary to provide plus ones to your single friends. This is also the perfect place for them to mix and mingle with your other single friends!
  3. Don’t let anyone guilt or bully you into inviting someone who you don’t want at your wedding, especially if they aren’t the one paying for the wedding. Many people don’t realize that each additional guest will require you to dish out more money for food, decor and might even result in you having to find larger venue.

Did you use a particular rule that you found extremely helpful when creating your wedding guest list? We want to know what it is, so please leave your tip below!

Lace Back Wedding Dresses

Lace back wedding dresses are currently one of the most flattering and coveted wedding design trends. The attention to detail that goes into an embroidered lace back wedding dress is absolutely stunning and has the ability to transform the simplest of dress into an elegant and romantic show stopper. Below are a few of our favourite lace back wedding dresses that will be sure to have you dreaming of walking down the aisle in your own lace back dress.

Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Lea-Ann BelterSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Sue GraphySpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - David Tutera For Mon Cheri-Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Veluz BrideSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Hayley Paige02 Special Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Ruffled BlogSpecial Event Rentals Lace Back Wedding Dresses - Wedding Chicks

Photo Credits: Lea-Ann Belter, Sue Graphy, David Tutera For Mon Cheri, Veluz Bride, Hayley Paige, Ruffled Blog & Wedding Chicks

Author: Ashley Miller

Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Alberta, and along with the warmer weather spring has brought a new obsession, mint weddings! The colour of mint is the embodiment of the fresh coolness of spring; a perfect colour to represent a spring wedding. This inspiration board uses my favorite colour combination, mint and gold with a hint of pastel pink.

Special Event Rentals Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration

For more mint inspiration visit the links below!

Photo Credits Left – Right: Bridal Musing, WeddingStar, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled Blog, B Loved Weddings, Nordstrom & Etsy

Author: Ashley Miller