5 Reasons Why Renting is Great!

There are many reasons why you should rent for your next party be it big or small. Below are my top five reasons why.

1. You don’t have to do the dishes – We’ll take care of that! At the end of the night when the guests have gone home I love being able to stack plates in crates, putting glasses in racks and throwing the linen in tubs knowing that someone else is taking care of the cleaning.

2. Options – Who doesn’t want to use different dinnerware for every party they throw? I choose my dinnerware and silverware after I have finalized my menu and people who know me know that this is usually the day before the event. Special Event Rentals has a large inventory so you do not have to worry about us not having what  you want – even if it is last minute.

3. Ideas – My best ideas usually come from someone else or desperation. Come in to our showroom and let us inspire you with some ideas for your next event. We will also be sharing some great ideas on our blog over the next few weeks.

4. Storage space – I live in a condo and know how tough it is to fit everything into a small kitchen. In my 900 square foot condo I can easily squeeze 30 people in at a party but I don’t have the storage space to keep 30 wine glasses, 24 champagne flutes, 24 hi ball glasses, beverage tubs, drink dispensers, serving trays, plates, cutlery and linen.

5. Dollar, dollar bills! - Even if you’re an extreme-couponer you may not be able to find a deal on a large serving tray, turkey deep-fryer (don’t try this on a condo patio), punch bowl or great wine glasses. Rent them instead and save money, space and dish soap.

I could also mention that renting is considered “green”, plastic is out (unless you’re having a tail gate party) or that there are no minimums (you can really rent just one vase or a dozen forks) but I think I had you at not having to do the dishes after your party.

Special Event RentalsBlog Author Lars Erickson

Spring Showroom – Beachy Keen

Beach tables generally consist of soft hues of blue, ivory and yellow but this tablescape created by Event Planning Headquarters, a division of Special Event Rentals, took their inspiration from the ocean floor and created a bold and refined beach table.

Special Event Rentals Beachy Keen Wedding Decor

When going for a beach theme event it’s important to incorporate the theme into your menu to ensure that your guests are able to bask in a true seaside event whether it’s held within the city or on a beach. Get creative, make or purchase your place cards in the shape of underwater life to attach to your wine glasses for an added seaside touch, or collect pieces of coral to use as holders for your name cards.

Coral Lamour Satin is used as the prominent colour for this tablescape and is the perfect canvas for an assortment of natural tone seashells. Using natural tone seashells will allow you to incorporate those colours such as ivory and pewter elsewhere on your tablescape; on this table pewter was used as a runner to tie all the colours together. A simple fabric backdrop allows the texture of the seashells and charger plates to be the focus points which stand out on the table while varied heights of the Luxe Trio Vase combined shells, and both floating and pillar candles, add for a dramatic display of light.

Special Event Rentals Beachy Keen DinnerwareSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen TablescapeSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Centrepiece and ChargerSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Table SettingSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen MenuSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen TablescapeSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Coral TablescapeSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Luxe Trio VaseSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Place SettingSpecial Event Rentals Beachy KeenSpecial Event Rentals Beachy Keen Tablescape

Create your own unique beach theme event with inspiration from this tablescape and your favourite aspect of the beach, you will be sure to leave your guests breathless. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another beautiful tablescape created by Event Planning Headquarters or stop by our showroom to view everything in person!

This table can be recreated using the following Special Event Rentals Products:

Coral Lamour Satin, Vanilla Satin, Luxe Trio Vase, Ironwood Chair Tie, Tablecharm Dinnerware, 16oz Regal Wine Glass, Regal Water Goblet, Maria Cutlery, Lobster Butter Melters, Mohogany Chiavari & Ivory Voile Backdrop

D.I.Y. Pebble Charger Plates

You will need the following items:

  • Mesh – can be purchased in any craft or hardware store
  • Pebbles – can be purchased at a craft store or collect them from the outdoors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut the mesh into your desired shape, rectangle or square.  You will want them to around 13”X13” to ensure they fit properly with your dinnerware.

Special Event Rentals Beachy Keen Mesh

Step 2: Put hot glue on the back of a pebble and place onto the mesh. Start in one corner and working your way across to fill the mesh with pebbles.

Step 3: Continue placing pebbles onto the mesh until you have covered your mesh sheet.

Special Event Rentals Beachy Keen DIY Charger Plate

Have a crafting party to create all the pebble charger plates you require for your next event or create them on your own for to give away as the perfect gift.


Event Planning Headquarters, a division of Special Event Rentals.