Do it Yourself: Quill Me Maybe

Quilling is the art of taking strips of paper and rolling, shaping and gluing them together to create decorative designs. This DIY is perfect for displaying around the house, or even to make you and your fiancés initials for a unique wedding display!

Do It Yourself - Quill Me Maybe

You  will need the following items:

  • Foam board/Styrofoam letters
  • Cardstock
  • Paint/paintbrushes
  • Needle/awl
  • Paper cutter
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sandpaper

Do It Yourself - Quill Me Maybe

Step 1: Choose what letter or word you wish to create and print it out. Trace out the letter with a pen on the foam board. We traced our ampersands out three times for extra strength and thickness, but trace however many you feel is right for your project.

Step 2: Cut out your letter with an x-acto knife, and glue the separate pieces together. Sand the sides to create a level surface.

Step 3: Paint your letter in the colour you wish and let dry.

Do It Yourself - Quill Me MaybeDo It Yourself - Quill Me MaybeDo It Yourself - Quill Me Maybe

Step 4: Slice your paper into ¼” strips of various lengths for an assortment of quills. Begin curling your strips around the awl or needle.  Use a dot of hot glue to keep your quills curled.

Do It Yourself - Quill Me Maybe

Step 5: Glue your quills onto the letter. Create a pattern, do different shapes, or just go crazy! Once you have enough quills, let them set on the letter overnight.

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