Transform Your Home Into a Lounge This New Year!

Going out on New Years can be a bother.  You have to plan your arrival just right or you will be stuck in a line and trying to find your way back home at the end of the evening can take hours if you don’t have a designated driver in your group. This year skip the over crowed bars and host your own New Years celebration in the comfort of your home.

Transform Your Home Into a Lounge

By adding a few key elements you can quickly change your home into your very own lounge. To transform your home for the night follow the steps below.

  • Decide what rooms you want to be open to your guests. Do you want to keep everyone on one level, one room or will your whole house be open for your guests to wander around?
  • Have a beverage station. Turn one of your side tables into your beverage station or use a fun LED bar! The LED bar will not only provide you with a bar atmosphere but also add colourful lighting.
  • Provide specialty glasses. If you plan on serving a variety of different beverages make sure that you have the appropriate glassware; such as, a martini, wine, highball and beer glasses.
  • Snacks! You and your guests are going to get hungry so you will want to make sure you have a variety of appetizers for them. Make or buy different dips, popcorn, sliders, a meat and cheese platter and/or pizza.
  • Have entertainment for your guests. If your friends and family like to dance make sure you leave an open area for them around the sound equipment. Have the count down on the TV to ensure that you don’t miss the count down to midnight. Add a creative twist to your party by having a mask station where your guests decorate their mask for the evening or have each guest write one New Years resolution to hang on a resolution tree.
  • Lighting. This is key element if you want to transform your home into a lounge. Use wall washers to add colour to any room and create a dramatic impact with a white backdrop with beaded curtails for the light to reflect off of.

Whether you go out or stay in, we hope that you have a happy New Year!

Author: Ashley Miller

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