Appie Holiday

The holidays have arrived and I haven’t finished everything I need to do. My 13 year old nephew needs a home-made gift, nothing is wrapped and I still need to come up with an idea for dessert on Christmas day. Assistance with any of these tasks would be appreciated! The only saving grace is I don’t need to worry about what to serve when guests come over for a glass of holiday cheer because we took care of that earlier this month.

Holiday Dips

Carolyn and I took a walk around our showroom, chose some different rental product and then took off to the grocery store. Assorted dips are one of our favourite holiday treats but no one likes double-dippers. To solve this problem we went with individual spinach dip, hummus and surprise spread.  A simple ramekin, martini glass and cosmo glass are the perfect containers.  Use whatever you have around your home for these individual dips or come in to Special Event Rentals and rent them so you don’t have to do the dishes.

Use your favourite dip recipes or gather a few when you’re doing a grocery run. There are some great dips available at the local farmers market and grocery store. We used a store-bought spinach dip, added some grated cheese and baked them in the oven until warm and the top was brown. Served with breadsticks and crackers they were a big hit with the Special Event Rentals team.

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