New Year Superstitions

Longan's Warning

With the New Year closely approaching we have put together a list of our favourite New Year superstitions. Do you participate in any New Year superstitions?

1. Kiss at midnight – It is said that if you kiss your loved one at midnight it will ensure affections and ties for the year to come; however, if you don’t it is said that you will be set up for a year lacking in affection.

2. Don’t Lend Money – Lending money or something of substantial value on the first day of the New Year is said to start a pattern of loaning money out to people all year long. In addition one should not pay off any loans or debt on the first day of the New Year for the same reason.

3. Work – Want to ensure a successful year at your job or career this year? If so then you will want to be sure to do some work on New Years day. Be sure to avoid too much work on this day however as it is said to be a bad omen and you will have to work hard long hours all year long.

4. Drain the bottle – To ensure yourself good luck it is said that you should empty the last drops from a bottle of drink on New Years.

5. Letting the Old Year Out – At midnight, all the doors of a house must be opened to let the old year out so that the New Year can enter your home and life.

6. Wear New Clothes – If you want to expand your closet you might want to follow this superstition. Some believe if you wear new clothes on New Years Day that it will lead to new garments throughout the year. Your outfit on New Years day should also be red as it is considered a happy colour and will attract the wearer a brighter future.

7. Food – In order to attract general luck and money in the New Year you should eat black-eyed peas on New Years.

8. The Direction of Wind – The direction of the wind during the sunrise on New Year’s morning is said to prophesies the coming year. Wind from the south is said to foretell fine weather and prosperous time ahead. North wind foretells a year of bad weather. Wind from the east brings famine and bad luck while wind from the west will bring plenty of milk and fish for all but a death of someone important. No Wind will bring joy and prosperity throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Logan’s Warning

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