New Year’s Theme DIY

Everyone enjoys dressing up for a New Year’s bash but why not take it up a step! If you are hosting the New Year’s party this year why not add some intrigue and make it a masquerade ball. Ask your guests to bring their own masks or supply your guests with one and have them create a mask when they arrive at your party. You can find all the supplies you will need at any craft store.  Buying pre-shaped blank masks, such as I did, is an easy but not always cost effective if you are hosting a large party. You can easily search online for a mask template and use it to cut out masks from various colours of thick craft paper. Also look online for inspiration before you set out to make your mask. I chose to go with glitter since here at Special Event Rentals we like everything sparkly!

DIY New Years Mask

What you will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Craft glue
  • Foam brush
  • Glitter (various colours if you are setting up a ‘make a mask’ station)
  • Various kinds of bling
  • Feathers
  • Stick or ribbon

Step one: Spread glue over the blank mask with the foam brush and sprinkle on the glitter over the paper plate. Do not worry if the glitter does not cover every bit of the mask below since we will be applying a second coat. After the mask has been covered in glue and glitter let it sit for 15 minutes to dry.

Step two: Apply another layer of glue and glitter. Let sit another 15 minutes.

Step three: Apply bling! I chose to emphasize the smooth lines of the mask and traced bling around the edges, but do not be afraid to go overboard, you could add more bling pieces in swirl patterns or if you have thinner glue use it to trace swirls over the mask and shake on another colour of glitter.

Step four: Glue on your feathers, I added the feathers on one side but you can add them all around for a more dramatic look.

Step five: Glue the stick onto one side of the mask, or if you choose punch holes on either side of your mask and string a ribbon through to tie your mask on.

Blog Author: Nadine Gritten

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