Top 5 DIY Projects of 2012

This past year we shared over 30 do it yourself projects and like anything I do have a few favourites. Listed below are my top five do it yourself projects of 2012 and the reason why they made my favourites list!

Top Five DIY Projects

1. Quill Me Maybe – I think this is such a beautiful décor piece. You can create your own letters or symbols to use in your wedding and then incorporate it into your home décor as a reminder of your wedding day.

2. Yarn Balls – This DIY was so much fun to make and one of the reasons I had to include it! Another reason why I love these yarn balls is because they can be used in so many unique ways. They can be used as décor accent on a table, string them with lights and hang them or stick a little gift inside to use them as party favours!

3. Wedding Wand – Being the girl who once upon a time ran around the house-playing princess I loved creating this DIY and I will admit that I spent the rest of my day waving it around! Make them for your guests to wave around after the ceremony or it could also be an amazing gift for the flower girl and all of the little princesses who attend your wedding.

4. Snow White Inspired Centrepiece – This centrepiece is dramatic and easy to make. I love that you can also add your own twist to it by making a few simple changes; for example, use natural branches and wire fresh flowers onto the branches to create a fresh spring centrepiece!

5. Last Minute Holiday Gift. I think this is a sweet and delicious gift idea that can be given as a gift any time of the year. And hopefully the person who receives this gift will be just as sweet and share the goodies once they have been made!

Author: Ashley Miller

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