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Say Yes To The Bridesmaid Dress{es}

Bridesmaid dresses might not be the most important dress you shop for, but don’t kid yourself, they can make a big impact on the overall feel of your BIG DAY!

 Colour, style, fit, material… there are so many things to consider!


Here a some big DOs and even bigger DON’Ts when it comes to outfitting your lovely ladies.

  1. It might be challenging, especially if you have a large bridal party, but DO pick a colour and a dress that compliments each girl. Can’t seem to find one? Chose a different dress for each girl or a few styles that work on multiple bridesmaids!
  2. DON’T argue about money with your bridesmaids. Before you go shopping make sure there is a clear understanding of who is paying for what. It’s also very important to go with a budget and stick with it to avoid any issues.
  3. As a rule of thumb, DO give yourself six months to order dresses. This will ensure that you get the exact style and size for your girls and it also leaves you with time for alterations, an extremely important part to make sure your lovely ladies look their best while standing next to you.
  4. DO make sure each bridesmaid is comfortable in her dress. Nothing is worse than a bridesmaid who keeps having to pull up her too big dress or having to hold her breath for an entire day because her dress is too snug.
  5. When purchasing bridesmaid dresses DON’T forget to consider the time of year! If you’re nuptials are a summertime affair, opt for something light and airy. If you’re braving the cold Canadian winter, make sure your girls are outfitted in a heavier dress fabric and consider adding a trendy faux fur shawl if you’re planning to have pictures in the great outdoors!
  6. If you can, DO make every effort to go into the store and physically see the dress. It’s really important to have your girls try on the dress too! Make sure you have a professional measure each of your bridesmaids. This will help to avoid the “Oops… We must have measured wrong” or “That’s not what the dress looked like in the picture online.”
  7. DO pick a bridesmaid dress (or two or three) that complement your wedding dress. For example if your dress is lace, outfit your bridesmaids in dresses with lace accents or some sort of embroidery!
  8. When deciding who to include in your bridal party, DON’T be afraid to include your best guy friend. Bride’s men are becoming more and more popular. After all, it should be your best friends who stand beside you on one of the biggest days of your life! It’s also important to outfit your bride’s man in something that coordinates with your girls.
  9. DO think outside the box when it comes to your bridesmaids. Not loving the typically chiffon tea-length dresses for your girls? Check out retailers such as Anthropologie or BCBGMAXAZRIA who offer something more unique!
  10. And most importantly, DON’T forget to enjoy the process! We cannot stress this enough. While weddings can be stressful, try and enjoy every minute. Especially when it comes to shopping and outfitting your girls because we’re pretty sure that spending quality time with your best friends is one of the greatest things!

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…There’s Something for Every Season



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