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DIY Paper Banner

Banners are such a fun way to incorporate a message into your decor! Whether it’s for your child’s birthday party, your best friend’s bridal shower or that Super Bowl Party your husband volunteered to host, banners are a fabulous and relatively inexpensive addition to the decor! Follow these 10 simple steps and make your own DIY Paper Banner.Special Event Rentals BlogSupplies
➸ Paper Bags from our boutique
Edmonton Wedding & Party Centre
➸ Scissors
➸ Hole Punch
➸ Glue Stick
➸ String, twine or ribbon
➸ Printed letters {HINT: we suggest finding a nice font & printing them off}Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Start with paper bags {HINT: mix & match bags for contrast}Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Cut the bags into desired shape. We chose this basic flag shape for this particular banner however you can cut the bags into whatever shape you decide. Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Make sure all bags are cut into the same shape and are similar in size. Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Use a hole punch to punch two holes at the top of each bag. Make sure they aren’t too close to the edge or you can risk tearing the flags!Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Arrange flags in desired order. We love to mix and match patterns for impact! Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Cut individual letters out {note: you can skip this step if you chose to add the letters by hand} Special Event Rentals Blog ➸ Glue each letter on to it’s own flagSpecial Event Rentals Blog ➸ Use twine to string through each bagSpecial Event Rentals Blog➸ Arrange flags as desiredSpecial Event Rentals Blog➸ Hang banner up for display! Banners are great additions to backdrops, mantels and so much more!

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