10 Reasons to Have a Tented Event
10 Reasons to Have a Tented Event

Thinking about hosting a tented event? With over 14 years of experience setting up tents all over the province of Alberta, look to Special Event Rentals for all your event tent requirements. Just in case you’re on the fence about having your event in a tent, we have 10 reasons {good ones too} as to why you should have a tented event!

  1. The Good Ol’ Alberta Weather
    We all know how quickly those dark clouds can roll in on a beautiful summer’s day! A tent not only provide shelter from bad weather but during hot days it offers you and your guests protection and shade. If your event happens to take place during a heat wave or a thunder storm your guests will be grateful to have the shelter. Plus you can rest easy knowing no matter the weather you have everything covered.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    You choose the location of the event. If you are having a corporate event and want to showcase your location but do not have the room inside your offices, a tent event in the parking lot can be surprisingly posh. If you are having a wedding you may want to have the event at a special place that is significant to you and your fiancé, be it a park where you had your first hand in hand walk or your childhood backyard.
  3. The Best of Both Worlds
    Sometimes it is hard to choose between an indoor or outdoor event, but with a tent you don’t have to. Certain styles of tents offer sliding walls so your event can be open to beautiful greenery and fresh air or closed if a wind picks up during the dinner to prevent your napkins and guests from blowing away.
  4. A Blank Canvas
    A tent is a canvas for your creativity and is completely customizable! Do not worry about working around a venues wall and carpet colours or restricted lighting options. With the ability to drape linens throughout our tents you can dress it up as much or as little as you like. Tents also offer many lighting options from chandlers to string lights and much more. With way too many décor options to list your event will be exactly the way you want it.
  5. Food Service Requirements
    Many venues require you to use their in house catering; with a tent you have the freedom to choose your own caterer. Also if you are planning a catered outdoor event many caterers will require a spot out of the elements to prepare their food. A tent is the perfect option to keep your caterers happy. Not to mention keep the food prep mess out of sight.
  6. Focal Points
    Tent events make it easy to create focal points. With a tent event you have the option to use a smaller tent set up for cocktail hour, then move guests to a larger tent for dinner service. Not all guests look forward to the dance after dinner and some are bothered by the loud music; use a tent for a separate lounge area where people can mingle after dinner away from the DJ.
  7. Flexibility For Your Event 
    Having a tent event allows you create the event space you need. Don’t concern yourself with whittling down the guest list; just add some space with another section of tent. Tents sizes are completely customizable and are able to house guest lists as small as 8 to as massive as 1,680.
  8. Your Event on Your Schedule
    Do not concern yourself if a venue will be able to accommodate a specific date and time, a tent is there for you when you need it. Many venues also require that your décor is taken down by a certain time. When renting a tent it is traditionally set up the day before the event with plenty of time to decorate and taken down the day after the event, allowing time to take down the décor without the rush. With a tent you decide when and at what time your event will be without having to work around other events booked in the same space.
  9. Dressed to Impress
    There are very few venues that give the aesthetic appeal that a tent can provide. Gleaming white peaks soaring into the sky are quite impressive, or if you choose to go with a clearspan tent you can opt for the clear top roof which will provide a massive sky light that no venue can offer, and giving your guests a view of the night sky from the shelter of an spectacular tent.
  10. Because having a tent event is just plain fun! 

10 Reasons to Have a Tented EventFrom basic canopies to high-peaked pole tents, Special Event Rentals carries a large variety of options for your event. Each choice will provide you with different opportunities to make your event a success.

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