9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent
9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent

Special Event Rentals has long been considered Alberta’s premiere tent and event rental company. As a supplier of quality tents, we are here to help you with renting a tent for your special event. Get started today with help from our teams in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and Banff.

1. You Have Options

Deciding to have a tented event is just the first step! Now you have to decide what style of tent will be suit your event. Find exactly what you’re looking for with our large variety of tents, from basic canopies to high-peaked pole tents. Yup, that’s right! We offer five different styles of tents so we are sure to have the perfect style for your event.

2. A Tent Is A Blank Canvas {Every Designers Dream} 

A tent is a canvas for your creativity and is completely customizable! Do not worry about working around a venues wall and carpet colours or restricted lighting options. With the ability to drape linens throughout our tents you can dress it up as much or as little as you like. Tents also offer many lighting options from chandlers to string lights and much more. With way too many décor options to list your event will be exactly the way you want it.

3. It’s Building Your Own Venue, Baby!

With a tented event, you are literally building a venue from the ground up {a little something we like to refer to as BYOV} so you can create a unique event experience for your guests.

4. Size Is Important

From basic canopies to high-peaked pole tents, Special Event Rentals carries a large variety of options for your event, ranging in size from a simple 10′ X 10′ to a commanding 60′ X 280′. Each choice will provide you with different opportunities to make your event a success. For sizing requirements, please refer to our Tent Reference Guide or call one of our 4 locations within Alberta for more information.

5. Location Is Everything

The wonderful thing about having a tented event is that you can choose the location of the event. If you are hosting a corporate event and want to showcase your location but do not have the room inside your offices, a tent event in the parking lot can be surprisingly posh.

6. A Tent Offers The Best of Both Worlds
Sometimes it is hard to choose between an indoor or outdoor event, but with a tent you don’t have to. Certain styles of tents offer sliding walls so your event can be open to beautiful greenery and fresh air or closed if a wind picks up during the dinner to prevent your napkins and guests from blowing away.

7. Permits, Permits, Permits

Each county in our beautiful province of Alberta has different requirements, so please refer to your county’s guidelines for all tent installations. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all permits are completed prior to the date of installation

8. Underneath It All

At Special Event Rentals we don’t rent safety, we own it! Safety is our number priority which is why we require Alberta One Call tickets for each tent installation. Customers are responsible to contact Alberta One to have all underground lines marked out prior to our arrival onsite. Alberta One can be reach at 1-800-242-3447 or online at 

9. The Extras Matter

Our tent accessories can assist in transforming your basic tent into a luxury lounge with tent liner, chandeliers and white dance floor. Or create a modern atmosphere with a clear roofcafe lights and black & white checkered flooring. The possibilities are truly endless!

Ask Yourself These Questions… 

  • Will the tent be set up on grass, gravel or asphalt?
  • What are the overall dimensions of the event space?
  • Are there any overhead or underground obstacles that we need to be aware of?This includes power lines, overhanging trees and underground sprinklers.
  • How many people do you wish to accommodate and in what configuration? All seated at tables, partial seating or cocktail seating?
  • What other items would you like to have under the tent? (Buffet, Bar, Cake table, Dance Floor, Stage, etc.?
  • Does the space offer room for guest parking or will you need to arrange charter buses to accommodate your attendees?
  • What are the facilities like at the location? Do you require portable toilets, additional power onsite?

Interested in renting at tent for your event? View our complete selection of tents and canopy rentals here or contact us directly for more information.9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent 9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent 9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent 9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent 9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent 9 Things You Should Know When Renting A Tent

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