6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event
6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event

With spring having officially begun, the longer days and warmer weather bring forth a plethora of weddings, BBQs, fundraisers, parties, and events of every shape and size. Everybody knows it’s what’s inside the event that counts—and that’s where we come along. At Special Event Rentals, our massive inventory of rental furniture will turn any event into a special event.

Here’s why renting event furniture will make your event as successful as it can be:

  1. It’s a great way to give your event that WOW factor

Do you want people to be talking about your event for a long time after it’s over? Renting the right event furniture is important to making the right impression with your guests. Create an eye-opening first impression with a lovely array of tables, chairs, couches, love seats and coffee tables that complement the space you are using. As an event planner, you want every item to matter.  The attention you give to detail will create a full on experience that will garner quite the reputation!

  1. It’s cost effective

The last thing you want to be doing is making last minute calls to your neighbours or friends in hopes they will lend you some patio seating that you thought you had. What’s worse is buying 50 chairs that you’ll never need again. The good news is that renting event furniture can save you a lot of money (Bonus—renting is also ecofriendly). You will find really great furniture options to give your event a sense of grandeur all while saving you money if you’re simply renting for one event. You aren’t required to buy things that you will not need again, and there’s no need for storage room.

  1. It can be used indoor or outdoor

Special Event Rentals provides you with the option of lavishly furnishing the inside of that ballroom as well as supplying a top notch seating experience to any kind of outdoor wedding ceremony. We have wonderful varieties of patio seating options, as well as quality outdoor tables, umbrellas and lighting. The forecast says rain? Rent a tent to cover it all!

  1. It’s easy to customize

These days, if you want your event to stand out from the rest you need to have a theme or a general vibe that you are going for. Unless you want to piece together a hodgepodge array of furniture from multiple stores or pay way too much for way too little, then you’re best option is to check out what Special Event Rentals has to offer. There are so many options to choose from: varying styles of tables and chairs that range from higher end to simple and casual—depending on the look that you are going for. The point being that whatever style of event you’re planning, it’s attainable with our selection of furniture rentals.

  1. It is less stressful

Planning an event is stressful enough, so take a load off by renting furniture. With so much of your energy being put into planning, having one less thing to think about will give you time to take care of everything else. With everything you need to furnish your exquisite space under one roof, it doesn’t get any easier

  1. It’s simple — we do all the work while you get all the praise.

With over 30 years experience, Special Event Rentals has the reputation to make your event a milestone in event history. Our delivery team will come right to your door and place everything where you want it. Better yet, we’ll take everything away the same way it came in! Giving you the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company.

6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event 6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event 6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event 6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event 6 Reasons To Rent Furniture For Your Next Event

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